Wind listening, sky dreaming with my girl

Yesterday, there was truly no cloud in the sky. The sky was a bright endless blue stretch from horizon to horizon. Such a flawless swatch of blue that even an artist stretching her canvas with such a wide expanse of blue would have to add a break, a break, a variation. But not this blue. This blue was like the blue buried beneath a glacial iceberg untouched for millennium.

Mariz and I were basking in that autumnal sky on a wide rock. The rock was a warm shiny granite and we were like two lizards soaking up in the heat.  Softened by patches of green moss, the rock floated in a sea of green lawn at the edges of the forest. Trees with wind whispering from far into the woods, we can hear the wind moving towards us.

Mariz – 7, long black hair, toothless grins, boy clothes, fierce, shy, fiery, anxious, a web of contradictions and beauty. She is in my lap, we are floating on the rock floating on the ocean of grass, her head tucked under my chin, the scent of her hair in my nostrils.

“Hear that – it’s the wind – it’s coming to us”

Coming through the trees, we hear the wind rising, moving closer. Soon it will kiss us. We listen to the dry autumn leaves, rustling, a distant whisper. Crescendo.

“It’s here!”

The wind is blowing through our hair now, kissing our faces. The treesall around us are chattering, singing, and rustling dry secrets. The wind throwing the scent of dry leaves, earth, sunshine, ourselves.

“Do you feel it?”

“Yes mommy, I really, really get it” Mariz whispers.

And still the endless blue promise of autumn stretches above and beyond us.  And I try and take this moment, breathe it in, and save like a gem inside my heart.