About Terri – the author, I am 39(yikes!) and mom of twin 7 year olds. Luckily for me – my Aunt from the Philippines moved in with us, soon thereafter – her 22 year old daughter, Charina also moved in with us. And now, we have welcomed Charina’s 5 year old son – Artchan into our little barangay! (See post one about what is a barangay) We are not trendy in any-way but we do live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in an admittedly fabulous loft in the “epicenter of hipness”, as I heard one British commentator say while being filmed outside one of my favorite coffee houses.

I hope to share the story of our lives, as well as a radical, marxist, feminist, queer, anti-racist perspective on parenting, school, family, immigration, gender, law, and politics. Oh, I also think the stories will be funny, full of love and joy, so come aboard our little ship and ride with us. There’s only one world anyway.

*** Copyright clause – This is all my own work, except works that I cite and give credit to, so please do not use any and all work without my permission or giving credit!  Thanks in advance for your respectful treatment of my work!

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